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Kerri's Cakes
Kerri Schrindel
Yakima, Washington
Sundays or Major Holidays


1). Name and Phone Number
2). Date, time and location for delivery (orders placed for       
Sunday events will need to be delivered on Saturday, this          
does not apply to weddings, quinceaneras or anniversary           
3). Number of guests you are expecting to serve
4). Wording or name to appear on cake, if applicable.
5). Desired cake and filling flavors (there is no extra charge to
use multiple flavors).
6). Picture of the cake,idea or theme you are interested in and
a brief description of any changes you would like.

Please allow 24-48 hours for response.  The ideas that you
submit are meant to be a basic starting point, changes and
adjustments to your order can always be made after you
receive a quote. search out themes for ideas....exp: "monster
truck cake images"
Please include the following information to ensure the
accuracy of your order.
Quotes cannot be given without the following information as
prices are subject to time and labor involved in the design.
Orders cannot be taken via text...
please send order information to