Planning is the first important step in the process of choosing a cake for whatever occasion you are

When planning for a Wedding, Anniversary or Quinceanera, it is important to call and reserve the date you are
interested in as early as possible ;
reservations are based on availability.  After you have successfully reserved your
date, a consultation time, (by appointment only) will be arranged to begin the designing process to personalize your

Cakes for
Birthdays, Showers or Special Occasions are welcome at any time and are excepted based on
availability. I am a one owner bakery and quality for my customers orders is very important to me so there may be
weeks when I cannot except new orders. Please email me your ideas or designs for a quote and to check
(Please book early during peak wedding season, May through September)!
Pricing, Planning & Delivery

SHEET CAKES: Serving size of sheet cakes: 2-1/2"H x 2"D x 2"W
Undecorated sheet cakes:  sheets that are intended to be used only for extra servings as a supplement to the
main cake, are frosted and pre-marked for cutting but
not decorated.
1/4 sheet serves 25; 1/2 sheet serves 35; 3/4 sheet serves 45.....$1.50 per serving

Decorated Sheet cakes: sheets that are decorated with your theme or design but have no 2D or 3D effect to them
$1.75 to $2.00 per serving depending on design....prices on sheets with 2D or 3D designs will be individually quoted
based on the design.

You may use as many different combinations of cake and filling flavors that you wish at no additional charge.

TIERED CAKES: Serving size of tiered cakes: 4-1/2" H x 2"D x 1"W
Weddings, Anniversaries or Quinceaneras: Price starts at $3.00 per serving and can change depending on the
time involved in some designs and are quoted per design.  Price includes as many different choices of cake and
filling flavors that you wish to use as well as the delivery in Yakima and some surrounding areas (delivery to further
distances are determined by miles traveled).  
Flowers(fresh or silk):  are not included in the cost. It is your responsibility to choose the flowers you wish to use and
have them available for me to arrange on your cake at the time of delivery.
Flowers(hand made icing flowers): is determined by the style, quantity and the time involved in the hand
construction, (s
ome designs may have the flowers included in the price).

Birthdays, Showers or any occasion: price is determined by size and the amount of time and labor involved in
the design that you choose. Please refer to ordering instructions to send me the information needed for a quote.

3D, 2D AND SCULPTURED CAKES: serving size ranges depending on the shape and style of the
cake. These types of cakes are time consuming and detailed and the cost is determined by the amount of time and
labor involved in the construction and design of the cake you want. I consider it a challenge to make these cakes
with as much "cake" as possible and frosted in butter cream icing whenever possible, however, because of the
nature of these designs it may be necessary at times to use other things for structural strength such as: cardboard,
styrafoam, rice crispy cookies, fondant or wood products. If any of these items are used, you will be instructed on
how to cut your cake and what parts are not edible. Check out the pictures in my gallery, believe it or not, 98% are
all made with butter cream icing, NOT FONDANT.

Regular size cupcakes start at $2.50w/o filling and $2.75 w/ filling, this is frosted only, with some simple additions
such as colored sugars, pearls or sprinkles if desired.  Custom decorations or hand made additions....price is
determined by design.
Professional size cupcakes (white/brown liners only) $2.75 w/o filling and $3.00 w/filling....same applies as above
to custom designs.
Mini cupcakes: $1.50 w/o filling and $1.75 w/filling....same applies as above to custom designs.
All cupcakes are guaranteed to be very full and rounded in size, not shrunk below the surface of the
cupcake liner.

Cake pops start at $2.50 with no added decorations, price subject to change with design.

Cost is determined by the choice of icing and design.
Buttercream icing (this is what is used on 90% of the pictures featured on my website).  It is a delicious, creamy
hand made icing that is very versatile for almost any type of design and holds up well for outdoor events where the
weather may be warm.
Whipped cream icing: this is a very light fluffy icing that is not overly sweet but has a pleasant taste, very much
like cool whip. It works well for cupcakes or sheet cakes that are intended for extra servings but does not hold well
for extended lengths of time in heat and is a very soft based icing and is very limited to specific designs.
Fondant icing: this is a sugar based icing that resembles the same texture of soft play dough. It is not overly sweet
and has a chewy texture when eating it.  I do not recommend covering your entire cake in fondant icing but instead
using butter cream icing that will have the very same look but is much more pleasant to eat. Fondant works very well
for exterior designs and shapes that need to hold a 3D type shape.

Weddings, Anniversary, Quinceanera: a non-refundable retainer of $75.00 is required to secure your date.  A  
50% deposit of the total cost is required 2 weeks prior to the date of the event and the remaining balance must be
paid in full by the day of the event.  Cash, check or credit card . (50% deposit of the total is non-refundable in the
event of a cancellation within one month of the date).

Birthdays, Showers, or Special Occasion: no deposit is required for orders under $150 and payment can be
made at the time of delivery. Cash, check or credit card accepted. Orders over $150 require a 50% deposit by cash
or credit card at the time the order is placed. (3% service charge on credit cards).

Weddings, Anniversaries, Quinceaneras: delivery is free in Yakima and some immediate surroundings, charges
apply for other areas based on distance.

All other Occasions: delivery is free in Yakima Valley.  Charges may apply for delivery to lower valley and other
areas. Arrangements can be made to meet and pick up delivery of the cake in Yakima to avoid extra charges. Due
to the cost of fuel no single deliveries will be made Mon - Fri without a delivery charge, arrangements can be made
to pick the cake up to avoid delivery fees.
Kerri Schrindel
Yakima, Washington